Top 10 Security Tips for Business During Holidays | Locksmith™

This is the top 10 security tips for securing your business during the holidays lock your doors.

It’s amazing how many people do not lock the doors during the holidays or during any time of the year.

It’s a good time to go to a restricted or high security key and lock system when you use these systems like ABLOY medico primus what happens is the keys are restricted and only for sale to locksmiths you’re not going to be able to walk into the local hardware store with a Medeco key and get it cut by that local hardware store or the shoemaker who cuts keys when you stamp do not copy or do not duplicate on a common key likes lage slosh quick set or wiser.

It’s a waste of time the local hardware stores have those key blanks on the corner they will cut those keys. No one can copy or duplicate stamped the key, it is a waste of time, you have a high-security restricted key blank. These keys are never ever sold to the local hardware store or the Home Depot’s or anybody except for locksmiths, who are security cleared and qualified. They’re the only ones with those restricted keys so get a high security restricted key system when you give it to staff.

If when they leave or whatever when they hand you back that key you know they have not had that cut anywhere. Alarm systems are not the big deterrent anymore they were 10, 15, 20 years ago you could put an alarm sticker on your business and the crooks wouldn’t bother with your business.

However now they’re breaking in they don’t care they’re going to get in quick and get out but you still need an alarm system the alarm system will scare them off or at least they them know it’s time to go.

Alarm are not as expensive as they used to be you can get a good quality alarm system and monitored for a very fair price.

However they are good for an investigative aide for the police after the fact and a lot of times these burglars these criminals are hitting business after business when they had when the police have video to view then they have some evidence to tie them to the crime so it’s an investigative aid again it won’t stop crime.

But it’s great for the police to use or even yourself when you’re viewing the video sometimes you’re amazed it’s a former staff current staff or someone you know it’s always amazing when you’re looking at the video.