How to Secure Your Garage Door | Locksmith Business

Welcome in this article i’m going to show you how to secure your home garage door when you go away on vacation.

What’s the Simplest Way to Secure your Garage Door?

The most simplest way is to just disconnect your garage door, no power nobody can use anything to open up this garage door using key pads or remotes or whatever. just pull the plug,

What you’re trying to do is prevent them from forcing the garage door open so if you put a bolt in here, it’s going to secure it pretty good too or put your padlock to secure it.

So again just padlock, you can have a key to the house of course. I like ABLOY, I’ve got lots of AB boys, you can have a just a pack a bolt in the hole to stop the roller from going up or put a padlock to stop somebody from breaking into your house opening up your door and pulling your stuff out.

If it is padlock you can do one on each side or just one does the trick the good thing with this is it stops them by slowing them down from forcing the door open.

But if they do bust in your house they can’t take all your stuff out the garage door, a bolt will do the trick padlock is best of course.