How To Construct A Portable Bistro Table For $15

Constructing a bistro table is among the simplest DIY projects you can take on, if you’re just beginning level builder. It just requires a few tools and bonus: it’s constructed entirely from 2x4s. For just $15 and about an hour or so, you could make this cute little table, suitable for a patio or porch and even a small breakfast nook.




Pieces – all cut from 2x4s:

  • 6 pieces cut 22.5 inches long – for top
  • 1 piece 20 inches long (ripped in half – to make sure you get 2 pieces) – for cleats
  • 2 pieces cut 34 inches long (ripped in half to get 4 legs) Slice both ends of each on a 30% angle.
  • 1 piece cut 12 3/8 inches long (ripped in half – will make the middle leg support – use second half below)
  • 2 pieces cut 2 3/8 (from second half of the middle leg support) – for blocks
  • 10 scrap pieces of 1/4 inch cuts (to act as spacers)




First of all, sand down all of the slice pieces. If you have got a wood planer, you could run the cut pieces right through to knock off the uncut side and smooth out the legs/center support.




Placing the spacers between both the top pieces (the 20 inch long pieces) and then clamp them together to ensure that is stays even.




Measuring in 5 inches from the edge, make use of the cleat pieces to place the top together. Predrill holes and use 2 1/2 inch wooden screws to attach it to the bottom.




Next, place one of the leg spacer blocks to the top of the leg. You’ll attach one precisely on the cleat, after that the other to the spacer. At first attach the leg without the spacer. Attach the leg on both sides to the cleat, then screw the leg brace between the two legs at 17 1/2 inches from the top of the table to ensure it is center properly.




Next attach the spacer to the other legs and connect the spacer to the cleat and the leg to the coordinating leg.


Ensure as you attach the legs, you need to do it on a level surface to make certain, you have them sit correctly. Paint the bistro table and you’re done!

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