7 Best Woodworking Projects For Beginners To Sell and Make Money Online

There are number of things that you should consider while starting a wood working plan. The first thing you should consider is the design of the plan. There are huge variety of plans available, you need to consider the type of wood you intend to use for your woodworking projects. 

Our aim is to unlock that ingenuity that already exists in you, and if you believe you don’t have it we had set-up simple easy to follow ideas that will get you started.

Why Pick Wood Working?

Resources utilized in wood working are always available, and to consider most furniture, and amenities inside a home is done in woods. So the marketplace demand is absolutely high, and people are provided the option to select between a plastic vs. a wood product for over the same use?

There’s a greater possibility that a prospective client will pick a wood product than a plastic product.

Think of going green right?

Now listed below are, 7 wood working projects that are simple to build, sell, and of course  can provide some source of living.

Are you set? If yes , then let’s begin. 

#1. Business Card Holder:

Anyone who desires to rise in the marketplace has their personal business cards and sometimes this little stuff is difficult to organize.

However, if you keep them inside a big box, they can become little unpleasant looking and if you can place them on your table there is a higher chance that these cards will scatter anywhere .

These individuals will need to have a cardholder. It is a niche market, even so, cardholders are easy to build and if you have a expertise in  customization you can put a name on the cardholder.

After you have created even a piece of a DIY business card holder, for sure, both wealthy businesswomen and also businessman will start placing orders quicker than you can produce them.

Materials to Use:

  • Jigsaw or Band Saw
  • Table Saw or Miter Saw
  • Sandpaper/Sander
  • Tape Measure
  • L-Square
  • Pencil
  • Thick Wood
  • Paint or Stain
  • Wood Putty
  • Paint Brush


Steps To Make A Customized Wooden Signs:

  • Measure and cut a piece of wood. 
  • Turn the block of wood then locate the center and draw as mall triangle using the l-square. 
  • Chop the triangle using a band saw. 
  • Sand down rough edges or perhaps you can apply wood putty to remove odd markings and cuts. 
  • Give your wood work a last sanding.
  • Paint or stain the business card holder.
  • Let it dry.

    #2. Easels:

    Are you aware that a well-built easel can be an awesome tool for every artist?

    Well, that is definitely true. Nevertheless, if you create a DIY easel, 
    for sure artists will value your talent and effort. If you are looking for a
    simple way to earn, why don’t you make easels for them?

    This wood working project merely requires a small block of wood, however it requires more equipment for example screws and hinges for the portability and folding mechanism of the easel.

    When considering design, you don’t need to stress yourself because a minimal design will do. However, a robust and well-built easel will help you to make you more profit as well as stay in the business for long years.

    Materials to Use:

    • Wood Glue
    • Nails
    • Plywood
    • Hammer
    • Electric Drill
    • Screw Driver
    • Pencil
    • Wood Screws

      How To Construct A Easels:

      • Cut the members.
      • Assemble the legs. 
      • Lay down the three legs and place a hole on top of every leg using a drill. 
      • Put the screws in the hole. 
      • Assemble it completely. 
      • Nail or glue the plywood in front of the assembled legs. 
      • Complete by standing the easel straight and by scattering the legs. 

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      #3. Picture Frames:

      A picture frame is an extremely multi-purpose wood working project. In fact, you could make a frame as easy as you like. But, you should have a bit of resourcefulness to make your own designs.

      In fact, this wood working project would not go out-of-date just because, you’ll never run out of new ideas and styles, since it is a timeless stuff that will continuously be in demand. In other words, you can still find people who need a picture frame even though selfies are on the rise.

      Materials to Use:

      • Wood
      • Hand Saw or Miter Box
      • Flat corner Braces
      • Carpenter Square
      • Photo Hanging hardware
      • Drill Driver
      • Screw Driver
      • Spray Paint

        Steps to Make A Wooden Picture Frame:

        • Measure the photo or artwork you’re going to make a frame
        • Cut the wood with a carpenter square. 
        • Paint the flat corner braces (optional). 
        • Rough sketch all your pieces to create a frame. 
        • Utilize a spray adhesive to mix all of your pieces. 
        • Cut a foam and add it to your DIY picture frame making use of a staple gun or small nails. 
        • Fasten the frame hanging hardware behind the picture frame.

          #4. Wooden Buttons:

          Buttons are not just for pants and blouses because wooden buttons seem like a piece of the ancient. In fact, these types of buttons are really high in demand because they are used to style a retro clothing.

          Nevertheless, people who love sewing are usually looking for the button and without a doubt they will value these buttons that are made out of wood materials.

          Even so, these buttons are really simple and easy to create and you can use any kind of woods. You can also create them using branches of the tree.

          When it relates to designing, you can throw an amazing design easily,
          particularly when you have knowledge about arts and designing.

          Materials to Use:

          • Branch of a tree
          • Coping saw
          • Clamp
          • Power drill
          • Scrap wood
          • Paintbrush
          • Sandpaper
          • Pennies or rusty nails
          • Vinegar

            Steps to make Wooden Buttons:

            • Place the branch of a tree in your work surface and clamp it afterwards. 
            • Cut a thin slice from the branch utilizing a coping saw. 
            • Drill two holes in the cut branch utilizing a power drill. 
            • Rub the buttons on the sandpaper to smooth out some odd marks and cuts. 
            • Apply stain or paint. 
            • Lastly, dry the wooden buttons.
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              #5. Customized Wooden Signs:

              Everybody loves a personalized message anywhere at their workplace or in their home. Such as a Bible passage, a snarky comment to an arriving guest, or an inspiring quotation, a customized sign is very popular in this modern day.

              There is absolutely no way you have passed through crafts and art stores and not gotten these type of signs. In reality, this wood working project is pretty simple and easy to make. Because you only need a little bit of paint, a mild touch, some stain, as well as a block of wood.

              But, after you have finished creating your customized signs you can market them to anyone and everyone.

              For inspiration, it is easy as searching “custom-made signs” and choosing which one fits to your clients’ liking.

              Materials to Use:

              • A block of wood
              • Paint
              • Some Stain
              • Chalk
              • Pencil
              • Transfer Paper
              • Hook Tool
              • Scraper Tool

                Steps To Make A Customized Wooden Signs:

                • Chop the wood , based on what shape you want.
                • Paint or Stain the wood. 
                • Design calligraphy for the wooden sign. 
                • Allow it dry and place the hook tool.

                  #6. Custom Birdhouses:

                  Are you aware that outdoor wood working projects are extremely popular? In fact, it is true, you can make a lot of small wood working projects for the portico and garden. And one of the popular and fascinating woodworking projects are birdhouses.

                  It is a little odd but as the manufacturer, you could charge an exceptional price tag for your DIY masterwork, just because a lot of people will surely pay for it. Even so, birdhouses are considered as one of the best-selling and easiest wood working project.

                  Materials to Use:

                  • Hammer
                  • Screwdriver
                  • Screws or Nails
                  • Saw
                  • Measuring Tool
                  • Bit and Brace
                  • Pencil
                  • Wood
                  • Paint or Stain

                    Steps To Make A Custom Birdhouse

                    • Cut the wood into pieces based on your preferred size
                    • Drill a hole for the entrance. 
                    • Put together the pieces using a glue or nails to form a house shape. 
                    • Stain or paint it. 
                    • As soon as the paint or stain is dry join the roofs using nails or glue to complete the construction.
                    • You can use a wire, rope, or chain to hang the birdhouse.

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                    #7. Wooden Coaster: 

                    A wooden coaster is normally seen in restaurants and bars. Actually, even bars at home often have a wooden coaster for better measure.

                    However, if you know a restaurant or even little brewery that just started near in your area or have friends that are hosting parties frequently, this wooden coaster can be an excellent addition to their basement or establishment.

                    If you want to include a wooden coaster for their newly built establishment, why don’t you create a DIY wooden coaster for them? In fact, this wood working project is quite easy to make.

                    All you need to do is perform a bit of painting, sanding, staining, and
                    also cutting. There after, you will make a great deal of cash.

                    Materials to Use:

                    • Tree Limb
                    • Miter Saw
                    • Sander or Sandpaper
                    • Natural stain
                    • Finish or Sealer
                    • Cork or Felt for the bottom (optional)
                    • Glue
                    • Rod
                    • Cutting Saw

                      Steps To Make A Wooden Coaster:

                      • Prepare and measure the tree limb
                      • Cut the Branches
                      • Drill a hole for the rod
                      • Place the rod in the hole utilizing a glue
                      • Pile the wooden coasters
                      • Cut the rod with a cutting saw
                      • Apply Finish or Sealer

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