5 Best DIY Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Hobbies are important to make life exciting and fulfilling. After all, it can be boring to work always and watch TV during one’s off time. Wood working is a very popular and pleasing hobby, because it not only eases stress, but also creates something valuable in the end.

This article will be taking a look at a few DIY wood plans for beginners that anyone can try. Things that can be easily made is a pair of saw horses.


1. Saw Horse:

This is a very useful project, since these horses are required for further woodworking projects. They basically allow easy and safe sawing of wood using electrical saws.

2. DIY Hanging Planter:

Next, a DIY hanging planter is another easy project that anyone can make. As the name implies, it is generally a container for plants and can function as a herb garden. This makes a fabulous gift and helps to save money on the grocery bill. There are many artistic choices for those who want to create art on the cheap.

3. Pallet Wood Art:

For instance, another wood working project is pallet wood wall art. All that is required is some pallets which are available for free. The words can be cut out using simple hand carving techniques which makes a unique art piece for the home.

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4. Table:

A table is among the first things people tend to make when they start wood working. However, this can be moved up a notch to constructing a glowing table. All that is required is some glow in the dark paint and the table will certainly stand out from the rest. This is a fantastic project for a family, since children love these types of tables.

The awesome thing about wood working, is that it enables anybody to craft items that solve genuine problems in the home. A lot of people have many clothes and not enough storage space. A DIY wood clothes rack is very simple to make and will create as much storage space as is required.

5. Shelves:

Shelves can be easily made from any wood. This type of project makes a classy look and almost effortless to create. It is mainly a wood shaped into a large circle with 3 or 4 shelves running from one end to the other.

If you have a “man cave” in the house, then a DIY bottle opener is a must. This is simply a bottle opener that is connected to a short plank of wood with a container at the bottom to catch the caps.

These are only a few DIY wood projects for beginners. The types of projects that can be made are just endless and all comes down to personal preference and imagination.

Woodworking is really a great hobby that can even become a profession if so desired.

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